the owl gang

Owl pins - felt/ buttons/ sequins | ~6x5 cm



  1. I have no idea what did you wrote there..but I like so much this little things! Where I can get some? I'm from USA.

  2. Vai, sunt grozave! Imi plac mai ales cea alba si ultima! :X
    Foarte, foarte faine!

  3. You have a translate button on the top of the page, right sidebar, it will translate my posts into almost every language, it's not too accurate but at least you can have an idea about what I said.
    I'm thinking about writing in English here too.

    @ Raloo:
    Multumesc! :D
    Ma bucur ca-ti plac :*

  4. Hi :) I'd love to have the white owl brooch :) How much does it cost and how much would the shipping be to Slovenia?

  5. I haven't quite yet figured it out how to ship and deal with money transfers internationally. I'll get some info and will get back to you.

    Thank you! :)


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